Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FRESH: DeeVa Drops official Single "68"

Faith Anyaoha Akwaugo aka Deeva is a young 17 year old who has loved
                      music all her life.As a young child,she was ab active member of the
                           choir,played the piano and sang beautifully.Hailing from Imo state,she
                                         is in love with the arts.Right from writing songs for
                             musicians,playing instruments and learning music theory through a     
                         course administered by Trinity Music College London,she independently
                         Groomed her talent.At the age of 9 she had started writing songs and
                                        loving rap music.
                                          A law student of University of Lagos and upcoming rapper,she
                                    featured on McSkill's cover of Kanye West's Mercy and did a wonderful
                                                  job.She's back after a while to prove her worth as she combines her
                                                           first mixtape "The                                                                                     Unveil" dropping "68"(Djinee cover) as the 1st
track off the mixtape.

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